I had a great example of a successful dating story and

thought I might try Together Dating Service. I listened

very closely to the pitch and had a very interesting and

friendly conversation with my interviewer. When she

represented the different packages, she highly recom-

mended the highest costing package (one with the best

best hope for success, and included a "personal shopper".

Of course before she gave me a set price, she went to

see her manager and got me a special "deal price".

My deal also included a sale clause - my policy could

be sold.

Well, after I agreed to the deal - I was reviewing the

contract, my interviewer said - "Oh, I never read those

things." and I said okay, I wouldn't read it either. (I know

this was my own liability). However, I paid the bill with

a brand new credit card I had just opened. It maxed out

the new card. This was already a sign that I was not

being sensible about my finances.

I went home and had some unsettled feelings about all

of this.

My contract was over $5,000.00. An exhorbitant amount for a

single mother with a fixed income. I felt very shakey

about this decision and sort of sick to my stomach. I was

very unsettled from then on.

I got a call from "the personal shopper" in a couple days.

I didn't hit it off with her and never felt comfortable with

our discussion. She repeated questions over and over and couldn't

get the color of my hair straight, nor the type of man

I was interested in dating. I was also put off by her

personal comments where she tried to relate to me.

She called me back with a perspective date that did not fit

my qualifications and misrepresented me, too.

After I thought about it, I didn't feel comfortable with her

"date suggestion" and not even comfortable with the whole

dating service idea. I wanted out.

It was too expensive and I didn't have any faith that this shopper

would be able to help me. I wanted out right away.

When I called the office they told me that I couldn't get out of the

contract because the "shopper" had already referred

someone to me. It was deplorable how little cooperation

I was given and very clear that this was a set-up for naive people.

I had three dates in total. Two of them were nothing like I had

explained I was looking for. The third one was nice but it didn't work out.

It was then I decided I wanted to sell my contract and was sent a

flyer of the paragraph in the contract. The conditions are

- you can't advertise - not published, not on-line,

not on a bulletin board. I could only try to sell to someone I

already know. I'm over 50 years old. Everyone I know is

already married. I don't have a network and don't have a

chance to meet other people. There is also a stipulation that

whomever I try to sell to has to be approved and screened by the

dating service.

This puts me in a very difficult situation. I feet tricked and


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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1297580

Back in 1993, I used Together to find a wife. After the first three dates out of six, I was disappointed with the results.

After complaining I was given 3 more dates for free to make up for the three that did not fit my requirements outline during the interview process.

Out of those three that were sent, I met my wife now for almost 22 years. I never thanked them, but I will now.


:( I think it's the worst service ever. I was charged about $1700. I met two people in four months. Creep #1 was a weirdo during the date. I thanked him for an interesting evening. He emailed me back... then he emailed every 30 min (until I blocked him), then he found my phone number and called about 50 times (until I blocked him) and THEN he started sending letters. I had to threaten a restraining order.

Creep #2 seemed to be only interested in sex. He was also 23 years older than I was... outside my 10 year "limit."


I completely agree - they suck.

Beaumont, Texas, United States #686427

I know what you mean had gotten refurly for 2 dates out of the company and they was over a hundred miles away so I try to get out of the program and they said I was in a contract and couldn't leave so I said I would pay and I am still getting debt collection letters even after 12 years at a cost stating over 3000 dollars.


I had a bad experience too back in 2006. I had just moved to San Antonio.

I believe I paid a couple of thousand but I did not buy the platinum plan. They later phoned me and said they needed clients over 50 and for only a couple hundred more I could upgrade. So I fell for it. Most of the matches were not what I had requested,they smoked, lived in their ex step mothers place, people who had nervous backgrounds, etc.

I chose them because they claimed to run a police check. I could clearly see that they did not. I had terrible time getting matches. They would not give my money back.

I usually threatened to go on TV and expose them! And then they would throw another mismatch.

I can not believe no one has filed a class action suit. Why has not one of these exposé shows exposed them?


Is Together in San Antonio, Tx still in business? If so where are they located and phone number? I'm just out of a 5 year match and they owe me some matches.


You guys are lucky. I have neve3r used them and I got a collection letter from the more dating back to may 2000. More then 11 years ago. I called and asked for the original documentation. Good luck with that.

They say I owe them $1200= dollars for something I had never heard of until today. The collection lady had the audacity to ask me if anyone else had access to my information?

Really after going to college and the military who knows who would have access. Not to mention I had gotten divorced two years prior to that.

So it seems they are willing to accept any information without checking. I tried to find out about them on-line and all I find is that they are cheats and scammers.

I wish everyone best of luck in dating and finances.

Jamestown, Colorado, United States #197556

This is the worst company ever. I had very specific standands which were written down in the interview process.

The men that I was set up with, were drug addicts, fat, unmotivated, one never graduated high school, one told me he had horrible credit, and etc. When I contacted togetherdating, I was told that my standards were not strict enough. I am a professional with my own home. Why would I date men that have less than me?

The people at togetherdating don't care about your standards.

They just want you money!

Unfortunately, I fell victim to their scam. If I had enough money, I would have sued them for fraudulent advertising.


:( I used Together back in 2007 and it SUCKED then and it still SUCKS. Everyone has the same complaint. What is amazing is that this company is still in business.


I was set up and dumped on with men who was nothing like what I wanted to date. One man was handicaped and could not even drive.

My last date was a man who had just lost his wife. He was so deppressing and was nothing like what I had asked for. We had nothing in common. I have been with them for 11 months and I paid $5,000.00 for nothing.

This place is a scam. They take your money and run.



I signed up, about a week later I had a financial emergency. I called them to see I could get out of the contract. They responded by saying if I didn't pay they would turn me over to a collection agency, or pay 500$ for nothing! I explained I was unemployed. They said "well you get unemployment you can still pay 100$ a month!"

Bottom line is they hooked me in. I can't afford the 2000$ fee they are asking and seems I am stuck paying for something i cannot afford.!!



I have a criminal background that made it through the "screening" process. It's not too bad but it didn't even blip their radar!

Ladies BEWARE, some sexual predator might be on TOGETHER DATING SERVICE. Since they're background check is worthless!!!!


sorry to hear all the problems everyone had. I must have been one of the fortunate few.

I used Together in San Antonio back in 2001. I was a member for 8 months, dated about 20 different guys briefly, finally I met my spouse through them in Jan 2002. We were married in March 2002 and have been together since. We held our membership until our 3 year anniversary and then we both sold our memberships to coworkers .

I will consider myself blessed that I didn't get screwed over like so many others.

Best of luck to everyone in your own search for love. :sigh :sigh


:( My experience w/ Together Dating Service goes back many years; I paid $1,500 for their "unlimited" service, but the only thing it turned out to be was "Unlimited Aggravation"!

After using a lot of manipulative tactics, which I've learned about in the number of years since then, & specifying the type of person I wanted to meet, almost immediately I was regularly introduced to exactly the wrong kind of person!

The scam is, unless you're the perfect model (& then why would you have problems meeting anyone in the 1st place?!) they do everything they can to get you to just quit & walk away. Well, they certainly didn't know me very well!

A friend was in the newspaper business & we decided to do an "investigative report" on Together & scammy businesses like them. We contacted those who'd filed complaints w/ the Better Business Bureau (public records!) & conducted interviews, did a little digging & published articles. It finally got to the point where we got this in front of the MD State Legislature.

Together & other associated/similar business (like health clubs/spas) hired Bruce Bereano, on of the most infamous "liars for hire" (a lobbyist) in MD & we certainly got their attention - I was threatened w/ a suit for $1 million & my friend was threatened w/ a suit for $2 million. He chickened & ran, but I fought for my refund, which I got half back.

Of course, they've kept on doing the same kind of ***! Our saying is, "Dating services are where people who have trouble meeting people go to meet other people who have trouble meeting people."

Nothing changes except for all the members' getting ripped-off!

to GwendolynMJones #1427447

They were wake in Ohio as well


When I joined this dating service called "The Right One" about a month ago I mentioned the fact that years earlier I had spent tons of money to a service called "Together" that oddly enough was in the same building on south colorado blvd and Mississippi in the building known as the Darth Vader Building.

The salesperson Barb said she had never heard of it,,,

Turns out it is the same company.

Last week I got a call from a guy that sent me a form to change my age prefference and it has Together logo from san antonio....Lying ***!

I just wanted to meet a tall Lady and now I am on the hook for 2 grand and this great body is going to waste!

Barb told me she had many tall ladies for me,,,so far Nada

do not believe thier bull

They must be paying somebody off to get away with this ***!

God will make them pay

Vancouver, Washington, United States #38401

Together ripped me off too for about $4000. The high pressure sales was unbelievable and then when I cancelled the contract under the 3 day right of recission they piddle paddled around and denied it to me.

I had to get an attorney involved to reconcile the issue. I had in Fact cancelled properly but they were hardballing me. Down with Together! They are a scam.

I have sicne then left my socail life up to chance which didn't work and have also utilized other dating services around which I have gotten much better results.

If you just signed up with Together get out of the contract and keep looking! It's not together, it's apart.

Tallassee, Alabama, United States #15059

They are really cheaters.

Some body called them the dating services as other prostitution

Tallassee, Alabama, United States #15058


They forced me and signed the contract.

I paid only 100$ but there is no chance of collecting the remaing amount from me.

Whether there will be any problem for me in legal issues

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