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I wish I had found this site of reviews about Together Dating Service before spending my hard earned money. Every one of the complaints I read I can relate too.

They do not care and are only in this for the money. I did not call them and they solicited me. When I tried to opt out after three disappointing introductions I too was told they would sent me to collections. I think we should all get together and sue this organization for fraud and misrepresentations.

They are stealing from lonely people looking to find someone in their life's.

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I totally agree with your comments. This company also operates by, according to their attorney, "buying leads" from third party websites which advertise as " yourtown" like" and contacting people directly who enter information into the website whether or not you hit "submit" to agree to be contacted in person.

So when they call you, you don't really know that this is the "Together Dating Service" until you get to their office. At that point, they manipulate, I mean, sell, you into agreeing to a nonrefundable contract where you may or may not get an introduction to someone that meets any of your criteria that was set up during the "interview". This interview is in reality a two hour or more hard sell where they ask you personal information to include how much money you have in your bank account and manipulate you until you sign. The best part this is a nonrefundable deal, REGARDLESS of how well they perform this service...These local offices routinely go out of business and move to a new location, thus making it difficult to make anyone accountable.

I wish there was something that could be done to help those that have been defrauded as well. Although I sued them, the judge upheld the terms of the contract, which means I did not get a refund.

I gave up and lost all of my money having only met one of my matches in person. The only thing I guess we can do now is to keep reporting them to the consumer agencies maybe enough voices will cause some attention to be directed towards these practices.

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